43 Facts about Harry Styles!!! I love you,Harry!

  • His full name is Harold Edward Styles
  • He came up with the band name
  • He LOVES back massages
  • He talks in his sleep
  • He hates olives
  • He had his first kiss at age 11
  • Fave film=Love Actually
  • His party trick is juggling or getting naked
  • He can speak fluent french
  • Louis is trying to convince him to date a fan!
  • He thinks it is cute when girls wear soccer jerseys
  • He can’t wait to have a girlfriend, he can spoil
  • He loves it when a girl falls asleep, with her head on his lap
  • He can tie a cherry stem, with his tounge
  • He prefers tea, than coffee
  • He wants a girl, who is a hugger
  • He likes cats
  • He likes a girl, with a good appitite
  • He is VERY tickilish
  • He has a cat named Dusty
  • He wants to get married on Valentine’s Day
  • He likes touring the world
  • He can knit
  • He is a TOTAL flirt
  • He can Identify perfumes
  • A perfect date= a restraunt
  • Harry hates it when people swear
  • He ALWAYS kisses, on the first date
  • He does not like reading
  • He cuddles with his pillow
  • He loves the beach
  • He LOVES Jack Wills
  • His hair is bipolar-curly and straight
  • He wishes he had a girl to cuddle
  • He watches Family Guy
  • He goes to pilates
  • He loves american accents- “there sexy”
  • He hates being given “Cutesy Nicknames”
  • He has 4 nipples- a mole under each nipple
  • He has a tatoo
  • He IS a virgin
  • He was born with straight hair!
  • He sleeps naked!!! haha

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